Defense and Aerospace


Typical applications range from drying pressurized air for radar waveguides, environmental protection of optical and infrared pods and sensors to drying high pressure air for pneumatic weapons release and IR cooling. Many shipborne systems employ Drytech filtration products specifically for high pressure air and gas applications. Critical naval electronics and optics are also protected by our suite of desiccants along with filtering air conditioning coolant onboard navy ships.

Onboard Oxygen Generating Systems (OBOGS) utilize a variety of filtration and zeolite systems to generate breathing oxygen. Drytech can provide immobilized concentrator canisters and other coalesce and filtration devices.

Innovations and Technologies

Consistent with our drive for market leadership, Drytech strives to employ new materials and technologies for improved and innovative products. Our customers welcome such an approach so as to provide extended life filtration and protection.

We encourage customers to challenge us with their requirements…..

We support most frontline military aircraft including but not limited to:

Many airborne sensors are currently being protected environmentally by Drytech systems. All such products have been designed, developed, manufactured, and tested to meet the exacting requirements of a typical aerospace or military application.


  • F-22
  • F-35
  • F-15
  • F-18
  • C-17
  • EFA
  • B-52
  • B-1B
  • Apache
  • H-608
  • AV-8B
  • C-130