Desiccant Bags

Desiccant Sachet with Sight Window (INDI-PAC) & without Sight Window (DRY-PAC)

Drytech produces a variety of specialized desiccant bags and sachets. The bags are made from Tyvek® cotton and other specialized fabrics which can provide filtration down 0.2-micron nominal. The desiccant media used includes silica gel, molecular sieve, activated carbon and silver zeolite. Drytech bags are provided with an indicating sight window to alert the user that the desiccant media has reached capacity and should be replaced.

Ultra Robust Miniature Bags

As a result of interest shown by the aerospace electro-optics community, Drytech has developed a highly robust miniature bag to protect laser and optical cavities of different systems. Typically, small heat fused MIL-D-3464 type sachets have tensile seam strength of less than 3 lbs. per inch of seam.

Drytech has introduced a technology, which seals the Tyvek® bags with a much improved tensile seam strength in excess of 7 lbs. per inch of seam average, producing a highly reliable and robust bag when exposed to high vibration and shock environments.

Additionally Drytech offers an armored bag fabricated from stainless steel wire cloth. Typically these armored units are used in high temperature and harsh environments where Tyvek® will fail.