Preservation & Packaging

Many military systems, such as missiles, munitions, and jet engines, for example, are not necessarily put into immediate use but put in storage for up to 10 years. However, it is critical that upon deployment that they are ready for use in as new condition.

In such cases storage and environmental control for the subject items is critical and Drytech provides numerous methods and devices to protect this equipment from the harmful effects of moisture and other contaminants. This will also apply to electronics, documents, fuels and fluids, pharmaceuticals, and much more.

Drytech provides a wide range of desiccants that protect such systems in storage which include shaped desiccators and desiccant bags. Additionally, we provide humidity indicators that will provide awareness of the condition of the volume of air within the storage container and give a warning when the desiccant is fully saturated. Humidity indicators typically are a bright blue in the safe condition or humidity level but will change to a light beige or pink, showing an unsafe condition and a time at which the desiccant within the storage container needs to be replaced or reactivated.