About Drytech

Company Overview:

  • Quality Standard:
    • AS9100 Rev. D/ ISO 9001:2015
  • Primes QA Approvals:
    • Boeing
    • Lockheed Martin
    • Raytheon
    • Northrop Grumman
    • ULTRA
  • US Government
    • Cage: 0S180
  • CCR Registered
Drytech Office

Company Overview:

Drytech designs, manufactures and supplies a range of moisture management and environmental control products and equipment. The company believes that its extensive range of 400+ items is the largest and most comprehensive of such products in the United States. These products including desiccators, cartridge dehydrators, molded and immobilized desiccant, desiccant breathers, humidity indicators, waveguide pressurization systems and advanced pump driven Pure Air and Nitrogen generators are supplied to the Department of Defense, Prime contractors, market leaders in the telecommunications industry and various other commercial and industrial sectors. Drytech is one of the market leaders and its field and continues to provide unrivaled product solutions using new and innovative technologies and materials in order to meet the challenges presented by its customers.
In order to accomplish these goals Drytech will need to continue to:

  • Develop long-standing Strategic Relationships with customers
  • Provide a total on-time competitive product solution
  • Insure consistent and unrivaled product quality
  • Continue to expand its R&D program to ensure market leadership
  • Protect its customer’s and intellectual property by maintaining a robust Cyber Security Infrastructure
  • Maintain and improve the working environment for all it’s employees to encourage and foster:
    • Longevity of Employment
    • Equal Opportunity and Diversity
    • Growth Opportunity
    • Training & Self Improvement
    • Secure and Safe Working Conditions

DRYTECH, Inc 54 Wrightstown-Cookstown Road, P.O. Box 0128 Cookstown, NJ 08511-0128, USA

E-mail: [email protected] www.drytechinc.com/

Toll Free #: Phone #: Fax #:
1-800-221-0208 1-609-758-1794 1-609-758-1774


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