SRFS™-Regenerative Desiccants

What is SRFS?

SRFS With the advent of the aerospace and defense industries drive for life cycle cost savings, Drytech has pursued cutting edge technologies to provide longer life desiccant systems. One of these technologies is in a Self Regenerating Filter System (SRFS™)

Drytech recognizes the need to provide a self regenerating filter solution for pneumatic precision weapons release and other applications, replacing the older pyrotechnic technology. Drytech provides molecular sieve filters that dry high pressure compressed air/gas (up to 6000 psi) to a purity level of below 15 ppmv (-62°cdp). These filters are consumable and require change out over so many flights.

The purpose of the SRFS™ is to provide significantly longer filter life through self regeneration, extending the life of a desiccant filter by up to 10 times that of an existing molecular sieve desiccant. This new device is targeted at airborne pneumatic ejection racks, which are replacing the older pyrotechnic systems, and cryogenic cooling units. Specific targeted applications are SBD, MPBR, LAU7, and LAU 127, ejection racks and IR cooling systems.

The SRFS™ consists of a proprietary zeolite compound which can be rapidly regenerated by heating and liberating entrapped moisture with minimal dry purge air. The device is integrated into a high pressure compressor system that operates at up 6500 psi and the filter provides dry air/gas at purity levels of < 2ppm moisture and CO2 to eliminate potential freeze ups at altitude.

It should be noted that “regenerated” and “re-activated” are often used interchangeably, the two terms are not the same and therefore should not be used interchangeably. “Regenerated” desiccants are processed at moderate temperature and while they have desorbed the primary adsorbate (in this case, water vapor), other organic contaminants remain such as CO2, hydrocarbons etc. “Re-activation” is achieved only when very high temperatures, approaching the burning point of the adsorbent crystals themselves are used and all organics that had been adsorbed are burned or stripped off. Often also you may see “re-activated” or “fully re-activated” but to be technically correct, “re-activated” can only mean “fully re-activated.” Drytech uses the terms regenerated or regenerative to describe our product since we utilize the “moderate” temperatures of regeneration.


  • High Compressed Pressure: up to 6,000 PSI
  • Desiccant: Molecular Sieve
  • Purity Level: below 15 ppmv (-62°cdp)
  • Regenerating Temperature: up to 150°C
  • System Components:
    • Heating System
    • High Pressure Housing
    • Proprietary ZEOLITE Filter
    • Purge Air Accumulator