Dehydrator Cartridge (Radar Waveguide Dehydrator)

At Drytech we manufacture a wide range of dehydrator cartridges used on various aerospace & defense programs. A dehydrator cartridge is basically a desiccant filter designed to remove moisture and particulates from entering a system during operation. Our dehydrator cartridges range from being used on radar waveguide applications, to opto-electronic systems, to advanced weapons ejection release dehydrator cartridges.

All of our dehydrator cartridges use our HIGH PERFORMING ZEOLITE molecular sieve desiccants, which consistently provide dry air less than 10 PPMv water.

Common Dehydrators terms – waveguide dehydrator, radar dehydrator.

Custom Made Solutions

Custom made solutions are our core competency. We have been designing and manufacturing custom solutions for over 25 years.

Due to ITAR regulations, several of our products are classified. To inquire and for more information, please contact, Matt Kinsey, [email protected], for any questions or concerns. Please provide us with an envelope of space and technical specifications for your program.