Pipeline Dryers

Drytech manufactures a wide range of pipeline dryers (inline dryers) for the protection against moisture and particulate contamination. Our range includes heavy duty robust 316L SS inline filter dryers, to a low cost plastic inline filter dryer for compressed air systems.

Custom solutions are a cornerstone of our business model. If you have any interest in a custom solution, please contact, Matt Kinsey, [email protected]. Please provide us with as much detailed information as possible, such as envelope of space, affluent air dew point, flight hours, filtration rating, etc.



  • Radar Waveguide Pressurization
  • Pneumatic Weapons/Stores Release
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Inert Welding/Brazing Systems


Flow 100-400 SCIM
Pressure 10-30 psia
Input Air @ 75°F 85% RH
Particulate Filtration 5-25 Micron
Output Air <-65°C or 5 PPM
Typical Life 20 – 80 flying hours