Custom Desiccants

Custom products are a cornerstone to Drytech’s drive for market leadership and our strength is our ability to meet specific customer needs based upon their application and system.

Even though we have a range of standard products, Drytech is always willing to build specialty custom items and systems as required. These products, including but not limited to desiccators, cartridge dehydrators, molded and immobilized desiccants, desiccant breathers, humidity indicators, waveguide pressurization systems and advanced pump driven pure air and nitrogen generators are tailor designed, prototyped and tested to meet specific customer requirements.

Drytech will fabricate prototypes, test and validate such systems based upon stated needs.

Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing Technologies are used to facilitate and produce these test prototypes.

Further, the items will be tested in our laboratory which has the below test and validation equipment and capabilities. Routinely we will simulate environmental conditions that a customer’s system will see in service and conduct test cycles including but not limited to humidity, thermal and altitude cycles.


Drytech maintains 3D design solid modeling software throughout its engineering group and provides exceptional design capabilities. Not only does its design software provide customer interface with their next higher assembly through 3D solid modeling, but also efficient transition to manufacturing with its subcontractors, saving time and money in the manufacturing process which translates to customer savings.


  • PTC Creo
  • AutoCAD
  • LabVIEW
  • Altium Designer


Using captive machine shops and rapid prototyping technologies (stereolithography), Drytech has been able to provide customers with prototypes for form, fit, and function testing for their next higher assembly within days. These capabilities can be converted to small lot, short run production cycles if needed.


  • Dew Point/Frost Point
  • Static Relative Humidity (Variable & Fixed)
  • Dynamic Relative Humidity (Variable & Fixed)
  • MVTR
  • Leak Rates
  • Loss on Ignition (L0I)
  • Adsorption Rate Determination
  • Thermal Cycling
  • Service Life
  • Pressurized Moisture Generation– Service Simulation
  • % RH/Temp. Data Acquisition

Test Equipment and Apparatus

  • Vaisala DM500, Precision SAW. Hygrometer.
  • Vaisala DMP501, Remote Dew Point Meter
  • Vaisala HMK15, Humidity Calibration System
  • Star 2000, Vacuum Oven
  • Miller Nelson HCS-401, Moisture Generator
  • TABAI PR-2G, Humidity and Temperature Chamber
  • Peak Scientific NG600A, Nitrogen Generator
  • Tenney Six Temp Shock Chamber
  • Imada DPS110, Digital Force Gauges
  • Thermodyne 1300, High Temp Furnace
  • Ohaus Explorer High Resolution Scale
  • Acculab UI-3 mg, 300 gram Scale
  • Carver Model 3912, Shear Tester
  • MBW – DP3, Chilled Mirror – Dew Point Meter.