The field focused on transmitting information across vast distances has fundamentally transformed global communication and interaction. Drytech has been safeguarding the telecommunications sector for more than 20 years, offering protection against moisture and other contaminants. Specifically, Drytech supplies a spectrum of precise desiccant canisters and getters ensuring the protection of laser pumps and sub sea repeaters.

Materials Used

  • Molded Molecular Sieve
  • Kovar Coined Lid
  • SS Housing
  • 0.4 Micron Sintered Stainless Filter
  • Injection Molded Housing

Desiccant Canisters

Subsea repeaters must be protected from moisture and degradation both during cable installation and while operating on the ocean floor over a spanning requirement of 25 years. Drytech effectively addressed the demands set in place for these scenarios, offering a range of distinctive product solutions resilient enough to withstand the 90g shock during cable deployment while also ensuring adsorption and protection. To inquire about our range of products, please contact our sales team at [email protected].